Work trends in Japan 2021

working in japan

Work trends in Japan 2021


Trends in the Japanese workforce


As Japan’s workforce and work style continue to grow, change is inevitable in the workforce. This is very important for people looking to work in Japan or start an internship in Japan. This includes things such as marketing interns showcasing their social media presence, IT students including their Github and research students using their thesis to land a top job. Let’s have a greater look at some of these changes.

How to get a marketing internship in Japan

With marketing being one of the most popular majors currently, it can feel like finding any kind of work or internship in Japan is impossible. Don’t worry it can be done though and it may not be as hard as you might think. 

A vital part of your application is your portfolio. This means showing that you have the skills to creatively develop content that reaches audiences. This also should have some results or analytics tied in with it, which means you need to be either creating your own brand or helping a company with theirs. 

So if you aren’t already an Instagram influencer don’t fret. Try reaching out to a small business on Instagram or Facebook and tell them that you will help them boost their social media. This is a win-win and will help a ton when you try to land your first internship in Japan.

How to get an IT internship in Japan

Japan is constantly trying to become more digital as the world shifts to a more virtual workplace. This means that the old word.doc resume just won’t do for anyone looking to start an IT internship in Japan. 

Nowadays Github is essentially the resume for those looking to do programming or other similar work here in Japan. Japanese IT companies want to see what you have built and how you did it. This means having a nice clean Github with no dead projects, goes a long way to getting that dream job in Japan.

How to get a job in Japan as a research student

If you are a research student in our outside of Japan, who is looking for an internship in Japan. Your thesis might just be the key to getting it. If you haven’t decided on what your thesis will be about, it might be a good idea to focus on a company that you would like to work with. This way you can solve their problems, network with them whilst developing a relevant thesis.

If you already have completed your thesis and are not sure how to use it. Try applying to a problem you think a company in Japan may be facing. Getting an internship in Japan is all about showing how you can add value to a company. 

Getting an internship in Japan in 2021

Things are changing around the world and especially in Japan. This means changing how you display yourself to future employers so that your next internship in Japan can help lead you into a fulfilling career. Whether it is marketing, IT or anything in between, being ready is what separates you apart from the rest.

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