Why you should work in Japan

Why you should work in Japan

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan city skyline over Shibuya Scramble Crosswa

Why you should work in Japan

Japan is the second most popular country for people looking to move overseas.

Japan continues to up it’s ranking in terms of livability. Not only has it been named the second most popular country for people to move to. It has also claimed the 4th and 2nd most liveable cities in the world with Tokyo (4th) and Osaka (2nd) claiming these top spots. 

Today I`m going to break down why everyone wants to move to Japan and how an internship in Japan might be your ticket to do just that.


Tokyo in Japan


Why Tokyo is the fourth most liveable city in the world

The global liveable index for 2021 has ranked Tokyo as the 4th most livable city in the world, based on a variety of factors. These included things like the environment, culture and how the city handled the pandemic. 

Tokyo ranked highly on this index because of its stability throughout the pandemic as well as having a strong health care system. 

What makes Tokyo so different? 

Another key factor to this ranking was how efficient the public transportation was and how much nature could be found within the city. Tokyo’s public transportation system is truly second to none. The trains constantly keep the city’s population of almost 14 million people on time and on the go. Whilst the bullet trains allow you to move halfway across the country in a matter of hours. 

When it comes to a mix of greenery and skyscrapers Tokyo also takes the cake. With famous shrines such as Meiji Jingu, placed right in the heart of Tokyo. You can always feel the serene presence of Japan’s natural greenery. 

Beautiful flowers are cherry blossom or blooming sakura, against the background of the flag of JapanTokyo also has huge parks scattered around the city, perfect for viewing sakura trees or having a picnic. Places like Shinjuku`s Gyoen National garden are amazing at breaking up the whole city, so that you never feel like nature is too far away. 

How Osaka took the spot for the second most liveable city. 

Osaka came close to taking the most liveable city in the world but came in with a close second spot. While many find it difficult to decide which city is better to live in between Tokyo and Osaka, Osaka took the higher ranking with a slight lead in infrastructure over Tokyo. 

Both cities excelled in how they were able to persevere throughout the pandemic. They also both rank highly in terms of having premier education systems for their youth. 


shibuya crossing tokyo japanWhy you should be working in Japan

So after telling you about how liveable Tokyo and Osaka are, which one do you prefer? If you want to work and live in either of these cities, an internship in Japan is perfect for you. 

Check our programs or send us a message to find out more.

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