What is Marine Day in Japan?


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What is Marine Day in Japan?



Japan recently celebrated Marine day (海の日 umi no hi). As Japan is beginning to heat up as summer rolls in. We can take a break from our internships and head to the beach. As i let you know a little more about this summer public holiday.


When is Marine day? 

Marine day is usually held on the third Monday of July (This year it was held on July 22nd). This holiday has been running since 1996 and was set to a fixed date of July 20th until 2003.

What are the origins of Marine day?

So why do we here in Japan celebrate this glorious ocean occasion? Well the original reason was to celebrate the return of the Meiji emperor after a long voyage to the Tohoku region. 

Nowadays the meaning of the day is more to simply celebrate all the wonderful things which come from the ocean. 

What to do on Marine Day?

With the hot weather and the focus on enjoying the ocean, Japanese people will usually use this day to head to the beach and enjoy the hot weather. Or they will have some fresh seafood which Japan is so famous for. 

seafood in japan

Marine day lantern festivals?

If you don’t feel like getting burnt at the beach on marine day how about a beautiful lantern festival. Famous port cities such as Kobe and Fukouka hold beautiful lantern displays, to celebrate the guiding of ships to harbors all across Japan. 

MARINE DAY So what will you be doing this Marine day?

I’ve told you about the date, origins and popular pastimes of Marine day. So now the only thing to do is to come enjoy it with us. Sign up for one of our internship programs this summer and enjoy all the fun holidays that Japan has to offer

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