Vaccinations in Japan

Vaccination in Japan

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Vaccinations in Japan

Everything you need to know about vaccinations in Japan.

Your guide to being vaccinated in Japan.

Vaccination in Japan

by Hamish Liu on June 16th, 2021

Getting vaccinated in Japan

Japan has finally started moving ahead with its vaccine rollout and things are starting to look promising. As we all wait for our turn to get a jab, I’m here to let you know about how you can get over here and start your internship in Japan.

Japan's vaccination rate for people over 65


Japan’s vaccine rollout

Recent figures from the government have shown that almost 24% of the elderly, here in Japan have received their first shot. Another 3% have already received their second.  This is according to data from June 8th.

Places like Tokyo are moving along with close to 30% of their elderly receiving their first shot already. Osaka is close behind them at around 21%. You can see the vaccination statistics here.

Vaccine’s target date

Japan is aiming to vaccinate all of its elderly by the end of July. Japan aims to reach this target by adding two new large-scale vaccination facilities in Tokyo and Osaka.

Young person getting a vaccine in Japan

Young people

Good news for us interns in Japan. Tokyo has stated that it will start vaccinations for young people, by the end of the month. Some areas with smaller populations have already started vaccinating young people. 

University vaccination

University Students in Japan will also be able to get their shots. As universities open their doors to become vaccination centers. Keio University (a major university in Tokyo) will plan to vaccinate around 50 000 people. Other universities will also be taking part, so if you’re a student in Japan, make sure to keep an eye out.

Workplace vaccination 

Major Japanese companies are also following suit, by opening their vaccination sites. JAL and other Japanese airlines have also started vaccinating their employees.

 Having airline staff fully vaccinated is the first step to getting international flights back up and running. 

Japanese person with a vaccine passport

Vaccine passports

Japan is eager to open up to the rest of the world and vaccine passports are the key. Japan plans to roll out vaccine passports to travelers this summer. This will start as a paper certificate and then will be integrated into a vaccine passport app. 

This will allow students, ex-pats, and of course interns in japan to travel. The U.S has responded favorably to the idea. This is great for any U.S citizen who is planning to do an internship in Japan.

So when can I come to Japan?

With Japan’s vaccination rollout going smoothly and the introduction of vaccine passports. Japan looks to be slowly opening its borders. We anticipate that later this year Japan will allow vaccinated travelers entry.

So have you got your two shots? If so, we hope to see you here in Japan for a holiday or an internship. If you’re interested in what internships we have to offer, see our site for more details (online internships are available).

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