The top 3 moments of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games

tokyo olympics

The top 3 moments of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games

tokyo olympicsAfter being delayed for a year, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has finally come to an end. For us interns in Japan, it’s been an exciting time (we even got to work with the Olympics too). So today we’re here to share with you our 3 favorite moments from this Olympic games.

The battle for gold in the pool

Out of the pool champions always rise and fall. The greatest battle of these olympics was between Australia’s Ariarne Titmus and the US’s Katie Ledecky. Ledecky had the lead at the start but then was triumphed by Titmus who came out the victor. 

The gold medal win went viral on the internet due to the ecstatic reaction from Titmus’ coach in the rafters. The coach’s celebration became an instant meme because of his wild movements and the concerned Japanese staff member behind him. Who doesn’t like a good celebration?

Sharing gold 

The men’s high jump showcased an amazing display of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Qatar’s Mutaz Barshim and Italy’s Gianmarco Tamberi fought tooth and nail and were evenly matched to the bitter end. When it came to the end of the event they simply asked can we both get gold? 

This led to the heartwarming scene of the two competitors sharing gold. In what has become a historic moment for the Olympics and a great story for these athletes.

Simone Bile’s shows her strength 

Simone Bile’s showed true strength when she announced that she would be withdrawing from 5 out of her 6 Olympic events, due to her mental and physical health. Many people on the internet quickly came to criticise the athlete but she stood strong and loudly cheered for her teammates on the sideline. 

Bile’s went on to win  a  bronze  medal in the women’s balance beam final. Bile’s showed another side to being an Olympic athlete which resonated with many and helped people remember that athletes are people just like us. 

What was your favorite Olympic moment at these games?

Whether it was epic battles for gold, heartwarming sportsmanship or battles on and off the floor there was a lot to see at Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics. If you want to be part of amazing events happening every year in Japan, you need to start your internship in Japan today. Check our website or send us a message for more information.

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