The current state of travelling to Japan

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The current state of travelling to Japan

October 4th 2021

Travelling to Japan

The current situation in Japan is constantly changing and we are here to keep you updated, with all you need to know. 

A few things have changed recently such as the state of emergency being lifted, no more mandatory hotel quarantine and the number of daily cases dropping across the nation. For those looking to do an internship in Japan, you may be asking yourself what does this mean for me?

by Hamish Liucovid cases japan october tokyo

Source: NHK

The end of the state of emergency here in Japan.

The start of October saw the end of Japan’s latest state of emergency(SOE). This is the first time that Japan has not been under an SOE since April of this year. The decision came as the country continued to see lower case rates and an increase in the number of fully vaccinated people.

Lifting these restrictions has seen an increase in the number of domestic tourism as well as many facilities increasing their capacities and re-opening their doors. It also means that establishments can now serve alcohol again and restaurants and are able to open for longer periods of time.

No more mandatory hotel quarantine

With cases decreasing around the world and travel slowly opening up in Japan, the mandatory hotel quarantine has also been made not mandatory for most travellers. Originally Japan had a strict 14-day mandatory hotel quarantine in place, this has now been reduced for most countries (a full list can be found here).

This now means that if you are vaccinated and can show a negative test result you may be able to complete your 14-day quarantine at home or in a place of your choice. Which is a huge step up from being stuck in a hotel room for two weeks. 

The number of daily covid cases are dropping across the country

Japan is feeling more open now as cases are droppings steadily and hospitals beds open up. Yesterday saw only 161 cases for the capital of the nation, Tokyo. The number of new cases has been under 300 for 8 days in a row, which is a step in the right direction.

The lower case numbers have been attributed to the increase in vaccinated citizens, as the rate of fully vaccinated people has hit over 60 per cent.  As the vaccine becomes more readily available across the country.vaccinations rate japan

Source: Google 

When can I come to Japan?

So we don’t have a definitive answer for you just yet but everything is shaping up for international travel to resume sometime soon. With the number of vaccinated people increasing and the number of cases decreasing. It is only a matter of time until Japan re-opens.

Once things are back to normal, will you be ready to level up your career with an internship in Japan? Check out our website or send us a message to learn more.

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