Simple. Program Internship only

Internship only

Simple. internship in Japan program

Seen most of Japan already or prefer to explore alone? No problem! 

Our Simple Program has you covered: Internship placement only in Japan along with the basics you need. 

During your stay you will be able to network and meet other Zenterns.

Our team will check in with you on a regular basis to see how you are doing.

How it works

Apply Zentern

1 Sign up

Ready to sign up? Let's get started by filling out the application form and paying the application fee. One of our staff members will contact you to set up a quick meeting and will ask you to send in your documents such as your resume.


2. Relax

Let us do the work! You will receive internship updates from us within no-time and the only thing you have to do is to research places in Japan you'd like to visit or perhaps start to practice a bit of Japanese.


3. Interview

Your interview will be online and in English. Our team will prepare you and once we have been given the green light, can start to prepare your accommodation and arrival to Japan!

Start internship

4. internship in japan

You're here! The team will meet with you before the start of the internship and you will get the chance to meet the other Zenterns. On the first day we can take you to the office so you will not get lost. And don't forget: just enjoy!

Simple. Internships Details

Your internship in Japan couldn’t get better with these extra services!

Quality Internships

Dodgy internships in Japan will never happen with Zentern. We strictly screen companies to ensure our Zenterns get valuable, hands-on work experience. We want you to enjoy going to work everyday with no overtime!

Housing Arrangements

Home is where the heart is (as well as your PlayStation and a comfy bed to watch Netflix.) Zentern arranges your accommodation in Japan based on your preferences. Our housing partners take screenings very seriously ensuring a safe and comfortable environment. Housing starts from USD500 for a private room including utilities, furniture, super fast jedi internet and awesome housemates.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

With Japan being #9 on the Global Peace Index a.k.a. safe-country-ranking, you can still walk the dog at 2am without any worries. While uncommon, accidents due happen. From the beginning we have ensured all Zenterns are safe and genki (healthy). In case something happens we are here to help.

First Day Support

It's your first day! If you have not explored your work area yet, we are more than happy to drop you off at the office on your first day. Starting a bit later that day? Let's go grab a coffee or get a Japanese tea so you will start the day relaxed.

Professional Guidance

Without a resume and cover letter it's hard to apply for an internship in Japan. But it's also hard to write a resume and cover letter. That's where we jump in; our internship team will help you create the perfect resume and motivation letter. We try to make it in a professional way so you can use it for later job applications as well.

Special Access & Discounts

That's right! Zentern has partnered up with several unique companies, We offer several discounts on gym classes, fashion items, Japanese sweets, cosmetics and more! You will be granted access to your coupons when you're in Japan!

Simple Goodie Bag

Top secret goodie bags are handed out during your orientation including useful items and seasonal snacks. Zentern is always looking to add something extra special to your internship in Japan experience ( and perhaps some extra kilos in snacks, luckily we have special prices for a gym work-out!)

Airport Arrival Pick-Up

Welcome to Japan! We provide you with detailed instructions on how to get to your accommodation. Our housing manager will pick you up from the nearest station and show you the shortest route to your door. If you're unsure on making the journey alone, Zentern members will be happy to pick you up from the airport for an additional price.


hop on board!

Ready to start your adventure? Complete these 2 easy steps to activate your application:

1. Fill out the application form

2. Pay the application fee

 Someone will get in touch with you within 24-hours after we have received your application.

Step 1 - Application Form

Zentern Sign Up Form – Simple & CC
Please include landcode
Name, relationship, home address, phone, email address
Internship Program *
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB

Step 2 - application fee ¥56,000

Application Fee Payment
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Payment Method
Wise USD Account of Zentern Internships – You can copy and paste the information.
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Amount $530
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Simple Fee
Application fee

application fee

¥ 56,000
  • $540, €450 or £390
Program Fee

See our program prices per week.

Price does NOT include the ¥56,000 ($540 or €450) application fee.

4 weeks

¥ 210,000
  • $1,870 or €1,610

8 weeks

¥ 260,000
  • $2,300 or €2,000

12 weeks

¥ 310,000
  • $2,750 or €2,380

16 - 24 weeks

¥ 360,000
  • $3,190 or €2,760

Invoiced after internship confirmation

Payment in installments OK!

We accept JPY, USD and EUro


Joined our Virtual Internship Program? Your application fee (¥55,000) will be deducted from the program fee.

2021 COVID19 Refund policy

Application Fee

Your application fee is valid for a lifetime instead of 1-year.

Program Fee

20% Refundable if you are unable to travel to Japan due to COVID19 measures.


Zentern Internships is registered in Japan and therefore able to obtain your visa to Japan if needed; most other agencies are not. We have government-approved housing available for the 14-days quarantine and will be checking in with you on a daily basis.
Please note, rules changes all the time depending on the COVID19 situation at that time.


Gifts from us to you

1 %
Friend Package

Sign up with a friend and get both 10% off + 1 free ticket of choice to:

Disney Sea
Universal Studios Japan

Sharing accommodation is optional too!


Prep pack

A small present from Zentern to you:
a JPY1,500 Amazon gift card to get you started in Japan!
Perhaps a new bag for the internship or cozy slippers for home? Amazon Japan has almost anything you need!


1 weeks
or longer

Receive a JPY3,000 Amazon Giftcard to get you started in Japan AND a ticket of choice to Disneyland, Disney Sea or Universal Studios Japan!
(Only for +Culture & Career Program.)


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