Remote work in Japan

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Table of Contents

Why remote work is rising in Japan

Today I’m going to explain to you why Japan is moving towards remote work and how this impacts Japan’s future workplace. As someone who has recently worked remotely in Japan. I can explain to you why I think this is going to seriously impact Japan and its workers.

Why the push to remote work

The pandemic has been tough for everyone, especially Japanese companies. It has forced them to increase their number of remote workers significantly.

In 2019 only 5% of the Japanese workforce had ever experienced remote work. During the state of emergency, this number rose to almost 40%. That’s a huge increase!

Is Japan ready for remote work?

Company struggles

While data shows that larger companies were able to facilitate remote workers. Small companies in Japan are still struggling to make the change because of a lack of resources. 

The Japanese government even offers a 75% subsidy for businesses that aim to set up remote work. Which aims to have more workers living outside of the densely populated Tokyo area.

The young workforce  

Many businesses in Japan now see remote work as the key to solving Japan’s aging workforce. Younger workers feel more strongly towards remote work because of all its benefits, such as.

  • Reduced commute times
  • Less unnecessary overtime
  • Ability to live in cheaper areas
  • Able to care for family members at home

Younger workers also stated that remote work increased creativity and productivity.

Increase in gig work

Companies such as Yahoo have also begun to offer side jobs that can be done remotely. This trend has been boosted by companies such as shumatsu worker(weekend worker). Who focus on matching side workers with startup companies. Perfect for those young entrepreneurs and those looking for internships in Japan.

Acceptance of remote work

One survey found that over 50% of workers were happy to continue working from home. Even after the Pandemic. This data shows how much the pandemic has changed how Japanese people think about work-life balance now. 

The future for remote work in Japan

As Japanese companies continue to push remote work and workstyles continue to change. Japan looks set to follow the world into a new era of remote work. 

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