Prepare for your online internship in Japan

Your first online internship & what you need to know!


Getting the most out of your online internship

I’m going to tell you how to get the most out of your Zentern online internship. As someone currently working remotely for a company in Japan, I can tell you the do’s and don’ts for your first online internship in Japan.

The must do’s before you start your internship

Know who you are working for

Discuss with our team about your opportunities with Zentern internships. Don’t be afraid to ask our consultants about the variety of companies to choose from. 

Avoid technical difficulties

Make sure you have a solid internet connection and that no unnecessary applications  are slowing down your pc. This prevents you from awkwardly dropping out in a zoom call.

Make your own work environment

To be as productive as possible make sure you find a space where you feel comfortable. Limit any distractions and have a pen and paper at the ready for any note taking.

Don’t forget that others can see your background during video calls. Keep it professional. Make sure to look presentable and dress appropriately.

What not to do for your online internships

Not managing your time  

Set your own deadlines and don’t slack off just because your boss isn’t checking up on you. Get your work done by the deadline and make sure it’s presentable.

Not being patient

An online internship in Japan means different time zones and different work schedules. So be patient with your co-workers and supervisors.

Pushing yourself too hard

Working for a company and working online may all be new to you so don’t take on more than you can handle. Make sure to talk to your supervisor at work or anyone at Zentern if the workload seems overwhelming. 

Now that you’ve set yourself up for success

Communication is key

Find out how your co-workers like to communicate. Do they use email or video chat? 

Instead of asking them out for a coffee, organize a short video chat with them. Take the time to learn and network with your co-workers. 

How to stand out from the crowd

Before you finish, add your co-workers on LinkedIn and don’t forget to get a recommendation letter. Also record all the work you’ve done for future reference.

How to use your new experience

Now that you’ve set yourself up for success be sure to show off any work you’ve made at future interviews. After you finish your internship with us don’t forget to enhance your career by applying for other Simple Internship Program or our Culture and Career Program at a discounted rate.

Now it’s time for you to start your online internship in Japan

How will you set up your workspace to make sure that you’re feeling productive and professional? Contact us now for great offers on our online internships as well as cultural career programs.


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