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Dodgy internships in Japan will never happen with Zentern. We strictly screen companies to ensure you get valuable, hands-on work experience. We want you to enjoy going to work everyday! Online internships give you the flexibility to plan in your own schedule and deadlines. Different time zone is therefore no problem!


We offer fun & professional workshops. Meet both Japanese and international entrepreneurs, hear about their success stories or you can learn about a traditional tea ceremony. Every month we have different topics available. With our workshops & Japanese lessons you will shine like a star during work meetings.

Professional Guidance

You will get all the support you need! We have a whole team that can assist you with anything career or Japan-wise. Sit down with one of our recruiters to discuss your future career plans for example. We can guide you in the right direction and update you on the latest job hunting trends in Japan or anywhere in the world.

Shopping Specials

You can order items from Japan through us. Just let us know what you like to order. We also have partnered up with several unique companies, We offer several discounts on gym classes, fashion items, Japanese sweets, cosmetics and more! You will be granted access to your coupons when you have signed up.

Japanese Online Lessons

From beginner to advanced level, we can offer the right levels for you. Mastering a language is difficult takes time but studying the basics takes you only a few weeks.
Enjoy learning Japanese whenever you have the time. Inquire for more information on times and schedules.

Program Discounts

Want to experience working and living in Japan for a while? Come and join our in-person program! All year round, we have exciting internship opportunities available online or offline. When you have completed your online internship program, you will receive a ¥56,000 discount on all our other programs!

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FAQ online program

Based on your location and internship role, you will decide your working hours with your supervisor. Usually you have weekly meetings and a fixed work schedule to stick to.

Through chat, e-mail and online meetings. 

Anytime! You can start this week or in 6-months. Applications are usually open 1-year in advance.

If you mean paid in work experience and gaining new skills then yes. Money, nope. This is due to visa and the country’s regulations. However, if you decide to intern in Japan, most companies cover commuting expenses and/or lunch.

Due to the current coronavirus situation, we have realized that it doesn’t matter where you are to do the work. You don’t need to be in the country. Working with a Japanese company will still allow you to experience a new work flow, another way of thinking and meeting / communicating with different people. 

Yes! The more the merrier and wouldn’t it be fun to hang out together at your fav cafe while working for the same company?

Of course you can! Just let us know what we have to do and we will make sure you are getting your credits.

Of course! Planning of coming to Japan whenever you are ready?

After you have completed your online internship, the amount will be deducted from the program fee! 

The application fee only needs to be paid once. 

This fee is refundable in case Zentern can’t set up an interview with a company in your field of choice. It has never happened before but if we fail, you will be guaranteed to get your money back. 
That’s how certain we are we can arrange the perfect internship placement for you!

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