A giant cat in Tokyo

tokyo cat shinjuku

A giant cat in Tokyo

shinjuku giant cat

This giant cat is melting hearts in Tokyo

A giant 3D cat in Shinjuku has caught the attention of people around the world. As an intern here in Japan it’s hard to miss. I stepped out of Shinjuku station’s east exit and bam there it was, in all its 3D glory. Let me tell you a little bit about Tokyo’s new feline friend.

Shinjuku TokyoWhere is the giant cat in Tokyo?

If you are looking for this big cat, you can find it right outside of the east exit at Shinjuku station. It is located on the top of a building right in front of a busy shopping street which sees around 200 000 people cross it every day. 

What does it do?

Just like a real cat it meows, pounces, and sometimes just lays there staring at all the tiny people below. At night time the image even changes, to show the cat yawing and eventually falling asleep.giant cat in Tokyo Shinjuku

How does it work?

The billboard that the cat lives inside of, is made up of ultra-realistic 3D panels which come together to create this eerily life-like image. Similar 3D billboards with different images have been seen across Asia. Mainly in major cities like Seoul and Shanghai.giant display in seoul

What’s its name?

Most people have come to name the cat Kyodai Neko. Which translates to ‘giant cat’, how fitting. The name of the display is the Cross Shinjuku Vision.

tokyo cat shinjukuWill you come to see this marvelous monster?

As of now, we don’t know how long the cat will be living in Tokyo or if the display will change to some other giant creature. Want to see it in real life? An internship in Japan is the best way to experience life and work here. Sign up today or talk with us to get more information!

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