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David with supervisor during his internship in Tokyo through Zentern Internships

Let’s become partners!

 We are able to create special packages tailored to your student’s needs. Our team can organize short and long term internships in Japan, including a cultural and/or language program or just the cultural experience.

Thinking of bringing in a study group? Let us help! We can organize company visits, cultural immersion, accommodation and support in Japan.

Zentern currently works with several universities and agents located all over the world.

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What we can do for you

Zentern's Partnership Services


Guaranteed internships in Japan from 1 to 6 months.


Tailor-made and seasonal cultural programs.


Japanese lessons and quick-courses.

Career Support

One-on-one talk with professional recruiters or our team about career development.

Professional Immersion

Visiting companies, meeting entrepreneurs and mingling during network events.


We provide custom-made programs so feel free to combine any service you need!

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