Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

Zentern Internship Emergency Procedures

Your health and safety while living in Japan is important to us. We therefore have put in place several procedures, policies and included extra information for you.

We understand that everyone is different and may request different assistance. We are able to handle most situations individually to ensure that you receive everything you may need from us. While we try to assist the best we can, the ultimate responsibility lays with you for your own personal health, safety and recovery from emergency situations.

Zentern Internships Risk Management and Emergency Response Plan

An emergency is any situation where a your health and safety have been compromised. If the problem can wait 24 hours, it is most likely not an emergency. The Zentern Internships Risk Management and Emergency Response Plan has been developed to provide information that will prepare all parties to work effectively in cases of an emergency or crisis.

Sometimes an event occurs that is interpreted by a student or parent to be an emergency when it is not, in fact, an emergency. This is what is called a “perceived emergency”. In a perceived emergency circumstance, the trained Zentern staff will make a decision on the seriousness of the matter and respond appropriately. However, even with a perceived emergency, our staff is available for you anytime and to assist you whenever needed.

Specifically, the plan outlines exactly what Zentern will do in the event of:

Major Crises

  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis
  • Terrorism
  • War or political emergencies

Individual Crises

  • Life threatening accidents or illnesses
  • Crimes against an intern
  • Arrest of an intern
  • Death of an intern
  • Missing intern

Crises in Japan (not a physical threat to student)

These topics will also be discussed during our pre-departure and in-person orientation session. All accommodations will have also information on what to do in emergencies such as natural disasters.

Emergency Contact Information

Zentern Internships offers 24-hour emergency assistance to all interns and their parents/guardians/universities. Our staff is on-site and available 24/7/365 in all of the locations we operate. These on-site individuals have a network of local contacts (police, fire, hospital, embassy) with whom they can be in communication with should the need arise. Contact details for the Zentern Site Director and/or On-Site Senior Representative are provided to program participants in pre-departure materials and orientation.


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