Autumn in Japan

autumn foods in japan

Autumn in Japan

Autumn in Japan

Autumn in Japan has finally started, meaning cooler weather and my favourite Starbucks seasonal drink (Pumpkin spice lattes). Whether it’s watching the crimson leaves fall in front of a beautiful temple, enjoying all the best autumn foods Japan has to offer or delving into the culture of unique Japanese autumn traditions. For those looking to do an internship in Japan, this season is one you can’t miss.fall in japan

3 best spots in Tokyo to see the Autumn leaves

The bright red leaves falling in the wind, truly add color and energy to Japan during the autumn season. For those people who are planning to do an internship in Tokyo, here are some of our favourite places to see the Autumn leaves fall.

  1. Yoyogi park is not only my favorite park in Tokyo, but it also has amazing maple and ginko trees, with bright red autumn colors. Perfect stopping point after shopping in Harajuku or Shibuya.
  2. Shinjuku Gyoen is a perfect place to go if you want to get away from the concrete jungle and step into a serene Japanese garden. The colors of autumn can be felt as the leaves fall all around the park.
  3. Okutama is just under two hours outside of central Tokyo and is filled with the natural beauty which Japan is so famous for. If you want to really step out of the city for a day and experience autumn in its full beauty this is the place for you.shinjuku, autumn in japan

Our top 3 autumn foods in Japan

Nothing is better than trying fresh seasonal food in Japan and it doesn’t get much better than autumn. Here are our top 3 must-try autumn foods in Japan. 

  1. Chestnuts are a favorite here in Japan. Not only will you see chestnut flavoured ice cream and chocolate but your local bakery here in Japan will likely introduce some new chestnut flavoured bread to try. So don’t ignore this popular autumn snack.
  2. Sweet potatoes can be smelt from a mile away or seen being handed outside the back of a small truck on a busy Japanese street. The hot and sweet taste is perfect for autumn and nothing beats a fresh sweet potato right off of the charcoal.
  3. Oden is maybe my favourite autumn food. Once the convenience store starts serving oden, it’s hard to ignore. Restaurants will start to service nice hot bowls of oden and nabe or you can pick it up from most convenience stores, here in Japan.autumn foods in japan

Why you should visit Japan in autumn

Autumn is really in my opinion, the actual best time to start your internship in Japan. The hot humid summers or the freezing winters can sometimes be a shock for first-timers to Japan. This is why the pleasant autumn weather can be a refreshing way to first experience Japan. 

Autumn is also sunny skies for the most part. Which will heavily reduce the amount of times you have to run into the convenience store to buy a new umbrella ( I’ve certainly done this one too many times)autumn in japan

Will you visit Japan in Autumn?

Whether it’s exploring the crimson coloured temples and gardens, enjoying Japan’s freshest autumn foods or simply escaping the summer heat. Autumn is definitely a season you cannot miss. 

Will you be starting your internship in Japan this Autumn or next year? Either way, we’ve got your back!

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