Thinking of signing up for an internship in Japan for 2021? Borders are expected to open in Spring 2021 so grab this extra 10% off and let’s get started!

You thought 2020 is gonna be your year? We thought so too but there’s nothing wrong with moving it 1-year later, right? 🙂

So let’s make 2021 your year; the year where you go out and explore, the year where you discover Japan and its culture but most importantly, let 2021 be a year that’s just about you!

Sign up in 2020 and receive a 10% discount on your program fee. With the extra cash, you can save money to get souvenirs for your family or even better, a nice present for yourself ;).

Zentern’s 10% discount on your internship in Japan will be equal to ¥19,000 ($182 or €153) or MORE depending on the type and duration of the program.

Quick Overview:

  • Sign up in 2020 and get a 10% discount on your program fee
  • Sign up with a friend in 2020 and get both 25% discount AND tickets to Disney or Universal Studios Japan.


Questions? Feel free to contact us through our online chat or our contact page.

See you in 2021!