What is a virtual or online internship?

It is perhaps the new way of work! An online internship is an internship where you work from home during agreed times or during your own time. Zentern Internships offers in-person internships in Japan. But due to the pandemic, the world asked us to find new ways to live our lives. Hence the fact that we switched to virtual internships to make things easier for everyone.
But wait, is it any fun or even worth it to work online for a company located all the way in Japan? Oh yes it is! Read on while we explain why virtual internships are the best, cheapest and easiest way to get better at life and reach level 100 by the time you are looking for your dream job!

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How does this all work?

Let us know what type of roles you are interested in and we arrange your internship with a company in Japan. These are the most popular virtual internship placements:

  • Business
  • PR
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Journalism / Writing
  • Design (including creative, graphic, web, etc.)
  • International Relations
  • Software & IT

Unfortunately there are also online internships where it is difficult to work when you’re not in Japan:

  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Science
  • Technical

For more information on the exact steps and prices, check out our Virtual Internship Page!

Your online internship goes as follows:

Once our team has confirmed your internship, your supervisor will reach out to set up a time and date to meet online. During this time you will be given the tasks and deadlines including hours you have to be online.
Every company is different. Some companies offer more flexibility while others prefer you to be online during certain times.

For example Company A:
“Please finish task XYZ by Friday afternoon Japan time and send it through email. We will then meet on Monday to talk it through and I will hand over a new task.”

Whereas other companies might want you to be online a couple days per week during agreed times.
Don’t worry, they will keep in accountant that you are in a different timezone.

Advantages of an online internship in Japan

Working online might sound a bit confusing but both the Zentern team and your internship company will help you with it.

  • Add extra work experience to your resume. An internship weights more than a part-time job in retail or the food industry for example.
  • Discover what type of work you would like to do after graduation
  • Gain international work experience.
  • Meet new people and make friends. Great if you are planning a trip to Japan or an in-person internship later!
  • Understand what it is like to work for a company
  • Work on your time management skills
  • Find out the skills you need to work on
  • Or celebrate the things you are already good at!
  • Be able to apply for remote jobs after this
  • And so much more!

Disadvantages of an online internship

We got to be real: there are some things that might be a bit “meh”.

  • You don’t get to meet the team in person
  • Or experience a real work environment
  • And the most disappointing one, you won’t be in Japan

BUT! Because we eventually want you to come over, we have great deals.
When you decide to apply for an in-person internship, your Virtual Internship Fee will be deducted from the actual program fee! Meaning, an online internship is totally free!

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Are online internships worth it?

Yes, yup, yeah, uh-huh!
Fact: 91% of employers will hire people more likely with work experience than 0 work experience (even if you’re the most motivated and nicest dude or dudette) and 56% prefer it if they gained work experience through an internship or co-op (rather than your usual part-time job in retail or food). Source.
Even a lot of our partner companies ask for at least a bit of work or volunteer experience.

Applications fees are refundable and we have many online internships available!
Contact us through our contact page or chat with us through our website to find out more!

Online internship vacancies

A few virtual internship vacancies in Japan we have available!

Cosmetic & Fashion Company

Looking for: marketeers, designers and translators!

Marketing Company

Looking for Marketeers, Business and Media Interns

IT Company

Looking for software developers and engineers