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How to get your free Disney ticket

Do you want to go to Tokyo Disney for free? Hop on board and join one of Zentern’s programs and get free Disney tickets!

Let your inner child out again and relive memories in Disney during a day off your internship. Allow yourself to feel the nostalgia of Disney while getting the adrenaline rush of the wild rides that Tokyo Disney Seaoffers. Because you, my fellow student, are Tokyo Disney Sea’s target audience. Disney Sea is made for young adults including Zenterns on an internship in Japan. In other words, you are not going to feel bored, I promise!

Don’t believe me?

Maybe the temple of Indiana Jones can convince you…

Why Disney Sea?

Most interns coming to Japan wonder where the name Disney Sea comes from. The park was inspired by myths and legends of the sea. It was built around a huge man-made body of water. Not to forget it’s also next to the ocean.

Disney Sea Awesomeness

Most people from abroad are surprised that you can consume alcohol at a theme park. It’s true, Disney Sea lets you be a child again while drinking a beer. Does it get any better? Yes, it does. Disney Sea is open until 10 pm and it gets even prettier at night. There is a light parade, music and the whole atmosphere changes into a very cosy one. During the night a volcano in the park spouts real fire.

Is Tokyo Disney Sea it worth it?

Yes, it certainly is. I can only talk for myself. I would recommend Tokyo Disney Sea over Disney Land because I like the rush I got of the rides. And I could calm my nerves while sipping on a cold beer.

The good thing about Disney is that you can always find other interns who would love to join you.

With that being said, I think Disney Sea is a must while doing your internship in Japan. Apart from the rides, they feature 7 different lands. My favourites were:

  • Arabian Coast
  • Mermaid Lagoon
  • Mediterranean Harbour

I would like to hear your thoughts of Tokyo Disney Sea? Have you already been or do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments!

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