Here at Zentern we are passionate about helping you succeed in your professional and personal careers. We know that going abroad can be difficult and sometimes a little incentive can go a long way in helping you. We are now doing a special recommendation program that if a person you recommend to Zentern also joins our program then you will be eligible for a gift card of your choosing or tickets to events in Japan that interest you! We are also doing a program in which that if you and a friend sign up together you both will be eligible to receive the prizes. It is always beneficial to travel with a friend and there is no better place to work with a friend than in Japan. Here is what we are looking for and what you can be eligible for. 

  • If a friend signs up with your referral you will receive a prize of your choosing
  • If both of you sign up together you both get prizes!
  • Prizes include – Gift cards to Amazon and other retailers
  • Tickets to Disney Japan or Universal Studios
  • Various cultural events around Tokyo

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This is a way for us to give back to those of you who have joined us on this adventure, and it allows us to help more people find an internship they love and improve themselves! In order to be eligible to receive the prizes you must please fill out the contact form and in the message portion of the application please name the person that recommended you to Zentern, or if you and a friend are signing up together in your applications please list each other’s names in the message list.

This will allow us to see who has recommended who and let us give the prizes to you when the entire application process is done. You will be allowed to pick from various gift cards, such as Amazon, or ask about tickets to different events in Japan, such as Disney Japan or Universal Studios Japan. We hope to see you soon and can’t wait to have you and your friend with us in Japan!