What to pack for your internship in Japan.

Before I came to Japan, I decided to make a list of what I should bring and after getting here deciding what I didn’t need to bring after the trip.
• 9 days of different clothes – Wash them weekly
• 2 Handkerchiefs – It can get very humid here
• 3 pairs of shoes – Tennis shoes and professional shoes
• Laundry detergent, shampoo, body wash, and other hygiene items
• 300 Dollars to exchange for yen
• A sense of adventure and willingness to leave your comfort zone

I was quite worried about figuring out which trains to take and with today’s technology it is much easier to navigate the stations. If you input the address you wish to go into your phone it will normally tell you which station to go to, which train to take at which time, and what exit to take. You should pack for this trip as if you’re going to live in that country, because you are, but it is important not to overload yourself with clothes and other items that will take up too much space. The key is to pack smart and to make sure that get excited for your upcoming internship!

When you step out of the airport into Japan the first thing you’ll say is “This is it, this is what I have been preparing for.” You’re now in one of the greatest countries in the world and the beginning of your journey has only just begun. You should grab your bags and begin making your way over to the train station to start your journey abroad officially. Your internship in Tokyo is about to begin and you should be excited because this will internship will help change your life and help advance your career!

After making your way to the train station you notice that this is one of the nicest forms of public transportation you have ever been on. The train cars are clean and the people on them are respectful and kind. Having finally made your way to humble abode the realization finally hits you; I am going to be living and working in Japan. We at Zentern are proud to help you find an internship that allows you to advance not only your careers, but also personally as well. Working abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have and working in Japan is something that you will never forget.

When your work week is finished, the interns will normally meet up in one of the many prefectures surrounding Tokyo. The events that are planned change every week and there is always something new to do, such as seeing one of the great museums that resides in Tokyo, seeing ancient shrines dedicated to emperors, or even going out different restaurants that offer traditional experiences that you won’t be able to find anywhere but in Japan itself.

We plan to make this an adventure of a lifetime and one of the ways we also do that is through trips outside of Tokyo. Our interns have been all over Japan, whether it is staying in a traditional onsen where you can see Mt. Fuji from your window, climbing a mountain where monkeys reside in Kyoto, or seeing gargantuan sea life in an aquarium in Osaka. You will never be bored when you come to Japan with Zentern.

It’s not all just leisure time too, we promise to help you find an internship that will allow you to grow. We have had interns that have worked for startup robotics companies, international business companies that ship all over the globe, design studious in the heart of Tokyo, and so much more. Our Zentern’s tell us that this is an opportunity that they are so thankful they had the chance to do and it helped reward them so much. With us you can expect an experience that will have you wishing you didn’t have to leave Japan, and sometimes you won’t have to! Some of our interns are offered full time jobs after they complete their internship.

Japan is an absolutely phenomenal country that has so much to offer, from gorgeous landscapes, to delicious food, and internships that will propel you to the next level of your career. Don’t believe us?  Check out our testimonials page of our previous interns to see that we are always there for you and making sure your internship is the one of your dreams. Apply to become a Zentern today so that you too can experience Japan! 


– Matthew – Marketing Intern from Texas